Take a Black Hole Ride, reach the speed of light and expand to infinite mass!

Black Hole Ride is the last and 5th movement of "Quantum Quartet" by Richard Aylwin.

Dark Matter is the 1st movement of "Quantum Quartet" by Richard Aylwin 


This is our version of the Langsamer Satz by Anton von Webern recorded at the Grand Chapel Studios.


The Aylwin String Quartet were invited to take part in the opening  event of the European Week of Astronomy & Space Science which was hosted by University of Hertfordshire from Sun 19th April - Fri 24th April 2009.

Robert Priddey and Alice Williamson wrote and presented a Talk and Recital regarding the historical, mathematical and cultural links between Astronomy and Music. This  slow movement was included because Beethoven was inspired by the stars on a clear night.

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